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Advanced Wood Therapy


Our WoodSculpt Body video will introduce you to the fundamentals of wood therapy. Our WoodSculpt curriculum will give you 3 hours of videos of theory and hands on training. You will need to have a. model to practice throughout these videos. This will give. you a total time of 4 hours with videos and practicing. You will feel confident and ready to maximize your spa menu and clients! OUR ADVANCED WOODSCULPT® BODY COURSE WILL COVER: Learn the function of each tool We will teach you each motion, time frame, protocol & what sections to use which tools Learn to use the tools on the calf, thigh, outer thigh, inner thigh, booty lift, love handle, 360 waist, abdomen, upper back + arms. Learn about cellulite, how to find it and how to treat it using the tools We teach you about the lymphatic zones and how to properly drain and activate the lymphatic system. Go over Contraindications and what to expect for treatments Learn pricing and marketing strategies Learn the proper way to clean your tools We help guide you through post training You will also get a 30 min Test with our Instructor to help you with any extra question or guidance you might need after the training.

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